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Ask the Fort Myers movers how crazy things get around the city during Spring Break. Central Florida is a common destination because of the warm weather, close access to the beach and plenty of additional amenities to create a one-of-a-kind Spring Break experience.   Plenty of Things to Do   You only have one week […]

Millennials now more than ever are moving around the country finding a new place to call home. All this movement is in part driven by the millennial desire to find a location that meets all their needs. Millennials are quickly changing today’s society to better suit their needs and Fort Myers is no exception. Fort […]

Fort Myers local movers at All My Sons know that city residents are no strangers to hot days and beaming sunshine, with average daily temperatures in the 80s and 90s. Fort Myers local movers and residents have decided to take advantage of their high amounts of sun exposure by installing solar panel systems throughout the […]

Ask anyone which events in Fort Myers Beach they will be attending in the first week of July and what will they say? If you guessed that they’d say they are going to the Fort Myers Beach Fourth of July fireworks show, then you’re probably right on the money. This year’s fireworks show is gearing […]

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Believe it or not, ice cream venues in Fort Myers and Naples are making headlines! If you are moving to Fort Myers or moving to Naples, it is summer and it is hot! Let Fort Myers movers handle your move so you can take a break from moving and go get a sweet treat! July […]

While the City Council may have agreed to expand the local junkyard, others may not be on board with the decision, according to the local Fort Myers community. However, the council stands firm by their decision to increase Garden Street Iron & Metal, with Mayor Randy Henderson backing them up stating that “I believe that […]

The 5-acre nonprofit sanctuary in Fort Myers which rescues and houses primates who have been abused, the Talkin’ Monkeys Project, is facing a nuisance lawsuit that claims that the organization has violated Florida’s Sunshine Law by approving them. Neighbors Mary and James Harrison complain that the noises from the monkeys cause “discomfort, distress and inconvenience” […]

If you are moving to Fort Myers, Fort Myers movers want new residents to beware of which beach chairs you sit on! Yes, you heard that right. Apparently, some of the beach chairs are free for the public to use, while others are owned by vendors who expect you to pay to use their lounge […]