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This is it, this is the moment we have all been waiting for. They have finally found the key to a longer life! Call up a Fort Myers moving company and let them know you are moving to town! Collier County in the Naples-Immokalee-Marco Island metro area has the highest life expectancy in the country. Residents of Collier County, at birth, have a life expectancy of 83.5 years, that’s 4 years longer than the current average life expectancy of a typical American resident! If that’s not enough to convince you to move to Fort Myers, we don’t know what is!

A new report analyzing the data behind these findings are relating the increase in life expectancy to the lifestyle experienced in Fort Myers. The relaxed environment combined with a higher average income within the community leads residents to inevitably live a healthier life. It may seem as though moving to Fort Myers is the answer to our problems but it all comes down to one factor: money. Wealthier areas tend to harbor lower obesity rates and promote healthy living. Collier County being one of Florida’s wealthiest counties makes it a highly desirable area to live.

Making the move to Fort Myers opens the doorway for a very relaxed and healthy lifestyle. Fort Myers living welcomes beach goers, picnickers, and those who enjoy outside activities. So, if you are looking to add years to your life make sure to give the best Fort Myers moving company, All My Sons Moving & Storage, a call today and get your life on the longest path available!

Moving to a new home can be stressful, especially when you feel as if you have enough belongings to fill an entire moving truck to the brim. If you wish to move stress-free, it is suggested that you opt with white glove movers from a reputable moving company. When it comes to white glove moving services, the Fort Myers moving company at All My Sons Moving & Storage has got you covered.

White glove movers are those who make sure that all of your moving needs are met, from beginning to end, so all you have to do is relocate to your new home and begin your life. Although white glove moving services are not for everyone, they are extremely beneficial in plenty of moving situations.

You should be opting for white glove movers if you are moving valuable antiques, if you have heavy items that are difficult to move in and around the house, if you need help assembling items, and if you are not sure where or how to arrange your furniture in your new home. If you are moving an office, white glove movers like the ones at the Fort Myers moving company can connect your electronics, set up the office furniture, and put everything else in place so you do not have to.

At All My Sons, the Fort Myers moving company, our white glove movers have the time to pack, assemble, move, and take care of everything for you to make your move as easy, and seamless as possible, with absolutely no hassle. Contact your movers at All My Sons today.

Millennials now more than ever are moving around the country finding a new place to call home. All this movement is in part driven by the millennial desire to find a location that meets all their needs. Millennials are quickly changing today’s society to better suit their needs and Fort Myers is no exception. Fort Myers is working towards becoming a go to destination for millennials looking to move. All My Sons Moving & Storage, top moving company in Fort Myers, has composed a list of top 3 neighborhoods for millennials in Fort Myers.

1.Downtown Fort Myers

2. River District

3. South Fort Myers

Fort Myers is quickly working to create a more attractive downtown area that serves the needs of millennials. Downtown Fort Myers is hoping to attract these young adults entering the work force and keep them from leaving the city. Fort Myers officials are aiming to diversify the economy, create a more walking friendly down town area complete with dining, shops and entertaining activities to not only attract the millennials in Fort Myers but also to attract millennials from other cities. Fort Myers offers millennials the ability to work in a downtown environment without the feeling of overpopulation in addition to being a few miles away from a beach at all times. This laid back but productive lifestyle is a highly sought after commodity among young adults. If you are moving to Fort Myers, look for the local moving company in Fort Myers with expert movers and a friendly staff to make your next move the best one yet!

As the holidays come and go, it is a good idea to start mentally preparing for storing your holiday decorations. It is much easier to take down and store your decorations if you have a game plan. Designated boxes, labels, and containers make this process easier. Fort Myers packers advise that this will be even more beneficial as next year approaches.

-Use egg cartons to hold delicate ornaments. Small and fragile ornaments fit perfectly in egg cartons. Layer tissue paper in the egg carton for extra protection for your favorite and most special decorations.

-Plastic spools to wrap Christmas lights around are one of the best investments for storing holiday decorations. You can also use coffee cans or any other circular items to wrap your lights around. Avoid tangles throughout the year.

-Fort Myers packers suggest setting yourself up for next year as you store your decorations this year. If you have a fake tree, ensure all branches are labeled and put away in order. Label your boxes with what they contain, as well as what boxes to open first.

-Consider a gift wrap caddy or a container dedicated just to your gift wrapping material. Keeping these materials organized and in good shape will save you money over the years.

-When it comes to storing holiday decorations, think about how your items will last in the condition you are packing them in. Fort Myers packers suggest placing wreaths in a plastic bag before you put them in a box to store. Silk flowers, center pieces, or other various items should be placed in a plastic bag before storing.

When you are thinking about what to get your favorite Floridian, check out this list for some great ideas and inspiration! Fort Myers is a wonderfully quaint beach city situated on the west coast of Florida. Take into consideration where your loved ones who are moving to Fort Myers are relocating from. This could help you decipher what items they may need for their new home. Your Fort Myers residential movers are here to share some tips and ideas for buying holiday gifts for Floridians.

Clothes. Especially if they are moving from a northern state, clothes for the beach are greatly appreciated. Clothes are a great gifts tp give for the new-found Floridian in your life. Sun dresses for women and tank tops for men are affordable and always beneficial to have. Flip-flops and beach cover-ups are great gifts as well!

Beach Supplies. Fort Myers residential movers suggest these beach items make the perfect holiday gifts for Floridians:

-A sun care basket. Fill a gift basket with different sun screens and lotions. A pair of fun sunglasses, a beach towel, and a hat can complete this gift basket.

-Beach chairs. A nice beach chair that is easy to transport makes a wonderful gift for the new beach-goer in your life.

-A beach bag. A beach bag can be treated the same way as a gift basket. You can fill it with as many or as little extras as you wish. Bathing suits make a great addition.

Tickets for classes or an event. Purchasing tickets for an event or service is a great gift idea for any new resident. Fort Myers residential movers from All My Sons Moving & Storage state this is a great way to become active in the community and mingle amongst locals.

There are plenty of great places in Fort Myers to donate stuff before you move and just in time for the holiday season too! Give back to the community one last time this holiday season before you move from Fort Myers.


Goodwill’s mission is to not only give to those in need; the company also assists with jobs, mentoring and community outreach so each donation is not simply a couch or some clothes, but an opportunity for someone in need. Here are the Goodwill locations in Fort Myers that you should visit to donate stuff before you move:

-Goodwill Boutique on First

2401 First St – (239) 332-2026

-Goodwill Retail & Donation Center

4162 Palm Beach Blvd – (239) 694-4915

-Goodwill Secure Shred

5100 Tice St. (B Wing), Goodwill Opportunity Center – (239) 995-2106

Habitat for Humanity

Did you know that Habitat for Humanity has a chain of thrift stores called ‘Restores’? It’s a great place to donate stuff before you move from Fort Myers. All the proceeds from sales go back into the community directly.

-Habitat for Humanity ReStore

31 Willis Road – (239) 652-1699

-Habitat for Humanity ReStore

16133 South Tamiami Trail – (239) 652-1660

Fort Myers Churches

It may be worthwhile vising a few places of worship. Churches are always involved in local community charities. Take a trip to one of your local churches before you move from Fort Myers and decide give back one last time!

It is time for the 44th annual Fort Myers Boat Show, so break out that sunscreen Floridians! If you are looking for things to do in Fort Myers, you are in luck because the boat show is an even that residents anticipate every year, even the long distance movers in Fort Myers love this event!

Let’s start with the basics: 

-November 17-20

-$10 for attendees 16 and over

-10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

-At the Harborside Event Center and the City Yacht Basin

This event is one of the best things to do in Fort Myers this November. Look at what’s happening this year.

Things to do at the Fort Myers Boat Show:

-Peruse the display of more than 500 boats and decide whether or not a new boat would be great for you and your family after moving to Fort Myers.

-“Fishin’ Frank’s Fishin’ Village” show, for all things fishin’ and Frank. A great show to take your kids to have a little fun after a long move.

-Fishing simulators, because you want to fish without all that backpain.

-Food trucks with great cuisine, drinks for the adults, and fishing lessons for the kids.

Long distance movers in Fort Myers have brought people from all over the country to the great city of Fort Myers, and one thing is certain, everyone enjoys the annual Fort Myers Boat Show!

Happy hour is a fun way to bridge the gap between the end of a work day and early nightfall. There is no better place to enjoy happy hour than in Fort Myers, Florida. This beach town has perfect weather and spectacular sunset views year-round. Residential movers in Fort Myers bring you the best warm, local spots featuring the ultimate discounts on food and drinks for the ultimate happy hour in Fort Myers.

With a large bar and patio seating, shaded by tropical trees and twinkling lights, head to Stillwater Grille for happy hour in Fort Myers. This happy hour runs seven days a week, starting at 3 p.m. It is a popular spot for locals and tourists to enjoy a wide selection of discount specialty martinis and $5 house wines.

For happy hour on the beach, go to the rooftop bar above Lani Kai Island Beach Resort, at the Island View Restaurant. Catch a glimpse of the sunset as you sip on $3 beers and $5 assorted cocktails.

This spot for happy hour in Fort Myers is commonly referred to as “hook up hour” – named after the decorative fish hooks at Blu Sushi. This downtown Fort Myers hot spot features fresh seafood, $6 martinis, double tall wells, and 2 for $6 house wines. Blu Sushi even offers happy hour pricing on their creative sushi dishes, such as the spicy salmon roll and the famous “lava drop”.

Cru Restaurant’s trendy indoor and outdoor bar is the place to be seen for happy hour in Fort Myers. Specials are offered from 4-7 p.m., seven days a week, and are favored by socialites, young professionals and professional baseball players during spring training season. Cru has $5 Kettle One Vodka drinks, half price cocktails, and new creative dishes every month.

Fort Myers local movers at All My Sons know that city residents are no strangers to hot days and beaming sunshine, with average daily temperatures in the 80s and 90s. Fort Myers local movers and residents have decided to take advantage of their high amounts of sun exposure by installing solar panel systems throughout the city.

Scott McIntyre, CEO of Tampa Bay based Solar Energy Management, and his team have begun installing what is expected to be the largest integrated solar commercial roof system in Florida. Their first project: solar panels covering the 230,000-square foot distributing warehouse where J.J. Taylor Distributing stores their beer products. J.J Taylor Distributing Florida is a leading beer distributor in the state, and their plan is to use the energy provided by the solar panels to keep their products from 70 suppliers properly chilled in their warehouse. Basically, they are cooling their beer with the sun.

McIntyre’s team has been working hard to install solar panels with water-tight fasteners to the 360 degree view thermoplastic roof. The energy saving from this project is projected to be over 70 percent.

A bit north in Fort Myers, Florida Power & Light is working on their own project: a solar powered town. The plan is to power local homes and business through a solar panel farm with a 75-megawatt power generation plant and distribution network.

According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, Florida ranks at spot 14 in the country in solar power use, but has the most solar power potential of any state east of the Mississippi River.

Fort Myers local movers say the subsidization of solar power in Amendment 1 is a hot topic in the upcoming election, especially in their beach town.

The sun is hot down in Fort Myers! All My Sons Moving & Storage has compiled a short list of 6 beach safety tips to consider after you relocate to Fort Myers.


1. Pay attention to the lifeguard flags. One of the most important beach safety tips is to pay close attention to the beach warning flags. Lifeguards post different colored and patterned flags each day to help beach goers understand the current water conditions. Red, green, yellow, blue, and purple flags are posted daily, with a guide that will explain how hazardous the water is. For example, a red flag can mean high surf, dangerous currents, or both. Make sure to pay close attention!

2. Do not go swimming alone. Ocean currents can be unpredictable at times. Another critical beach safety tip is to always have a buddy in the ocean with you, just in case the currents become too strong.

3. Do not go swimming at night. If you are moving to Fort Myers, you might not know that most marine life feeds at night time – and yes, this includes sharks! As a general rule of thumb, it is better to keep out of the water around dusk. It is advised that stay out of the water until the sun comes back out.

4. Protect your skin with SPF. Florida sun is hot and intense. Ultraviolet, or UV rays, can damage your skin forever. Make sure you wear an appropriate strength of SPF sunscreen to keep your skin safe from the sun.

5. Wear protective footwear. Fort Myers beaches are famous for their marine life, but some of these critters can pinch or sting you. Keep your feet protected from jellyfish and stingrays by wearing water shoes when shuffling through the sand.

6. Stay hydrated. It is easy to get caught up in the fun of the Fort Myers beaches and forget to stay hydrated! Make sure you drink plenty of water while you are out swimming and bathing in the sun.


Before moving to Fort Myers, ask the professionals at All My Sons for any additional beach safety tips.