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Moving Tips for the Perfect Move – Part 2

Now that your budget is in order, it is time to select the best packing supplies in Fort Myers.

Packing Supplies

Very often overlooked are the boxes in which you are using. We understand you have old boxes laying around that can be used, so why buy new ones? The answer is simple, new boxes are sturdy and can hold heavier items. They haven’t gone through any wear and tear and gives you one less thing to worry about. Additionally, get a new roll of the best quality, heavy-duty duct tape. The combination of new boxes and the heavy-duty tape will secure your items and help your move go smoother.

There are some other packing supplies in Fort Myers that you will need for the more fragile items. Consider padded blankets and bubble wrap. Don’t be afraid to use extra padding because it will be your best friend in the end and can prevent your fragile possessions from any damage.

Organize Your Documents

Too often, customers are scrambling throughout boxes and other moving supplies in search of receipts. Before the move, use a bright colored binder or purchase one for all of your documents.

Include in your binder:





Any other documents regarding the move


Pack a Snack

You’re making a very big move, during the process you will be burning off a lot of energy. Bring a nutritious snack to ensure you are properly fueled and water to keep you hydrated.

Snacks to consider:


Nuts (Peanuts, Cashews, etc.)

Candy Bars



Snacks for your movers (they are handling your possessions, they need energy too)

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