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Useful Tip for Moving Clothes

If you have ever hired professional Fort Myers movers to handle your relocation services to a new home, you definitely know the value of time during your move! The less time spent on the job, the less your moving costs are at the end of the day; a no brain-er. So if you are planning to move again soon, you have probably considered handling your own packing among other moving tasks so that your moving day is short and sweet –and extremely affordable!

Your movers in Ft Myers are talented professionals, and know how to move your household belongings quickly, which is why we are so reputable. However; if you are handling your own packing, your movers won’t physically be there with you to speed up the process. Though we won’t be there to help you pack, your professional Fort Myers movers do want to help you pack quickly –so here’s a great packing tip: For clothing, rather than folding each article and packing into moving boxes, you should use this cool bed sheet method. Simply lay a sheet down on the ground or on your bed, stack your unfolded clothes in the middle of the sheet, fold each side of the sheet over the stack of clothes, and twist the ends of the sheet to hold it all together. This method works especially well for closet clothing. Then just carry the bundle to your vehicle for transport. If you want to play a funny prank on your on-looking neighbors, you could enlist the help of a second person and pretend you are disposing of a dead body as this is what your clothing bundle will resemble… everybody can use a good laugh on their moving day!

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