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Now that your budget is in order, it is time to select the best packing supplies in Fort Myers.

Packing Supplies

Very often overlooked are the boxes in which you are using. We understand you have old boxes laying around that can be used, so why buy new ones? The answer is simple, new boxes are sturdy and can hold heavier items. They haven’t gone through any wear and tear and gives you one less thing to worry about. Additionally, get a new roll of the best quality, heavy-duty duct tape. The combination of new boxes and the heavy-duty tape will secure your items and help your move go smoother.

There are some other packing supplies in Fort Myers that you will need for the more fragile items. Consider padded blankets and bubble wrap. Don’t be afraid to use extra padding because it will be your best friend in the end and can prevent your fragile possessions from any damage.

Organize Your Documents

Too often, customers are scrambling throughout boxes and other moving supplies in search of receipts. Before the move, use a bright colored binder or purchase one for all of your documents.

Include in your binder:





Any other documents regarding the move


Pack a Snack

You’re making a very big move, during the process you will be burning off a lot of energy. Bring a nutritious snack to ensure you are properly fueled and water to keep you hydrated.

Snacks to consider:


Nuts (Peanuts, Cashews, etc.)

Candy Bars



Snacks for your movers (they are handling your possessions, they need energy too)

Moving day, a day of excitement, stress and every emotion in between. Fortunately, our professionals here at All My Sons Moving & Storage have comprised a list of tips to make your move that much easier.

Moving Budget

This is a must before beginning any move. Stick to it; having the list and not using it can leave you open to unexpected financial problems once the move is complete. Some things to include in your budget:

Consider Insurance

-You’re moving your personal possessions. Alleviate stress by knowing your items are covered.

Moving Company Costs

-This can vary based on the service, how much inventory you have, the distance of the move, etc.

Extra Costs

-Consider your inventory, but look for special items like furniture, a piano and any other fragile large items. Also consider your costs for packing supplies in Fort Myers.

Wiggle Room

-It is important to leave yourself some extra cash. Often times, unexpected costs or events can occur. It is always better to have a little what if or just-in-case money for those unexpected moments. It also doesn’t hurt to have extra money if your wiggle room stash is not used.

Create an Inventory List

Many times, families moving have a very large inventory and don’t make a check list of all their items. Although the move may be successful, weeks later you’re scrambling once you’re unpacked and don’t know where the missing items are. With the help of your checklist and marking down everything that has been put in the moving trucks, you can eliminate the hassle of searching for your items, save valuable time and even prevent losing items.

See part 2 for additional moving tips including packing supplies in Fort Myers, the perfect snacks and document organization brought to you by All My Sons Moving & Storage.

Ask the Fort Myers movers how crazy things get around the city during Spring Break. Central Florida is a common destination because of the warm weather, close access to the beach and plenty of additional amenities to create a one-of-a-kind Spring Break experience.


Plenty of Things to Do


You only have one week to create the ultimate vacation, so there is a lot to pack into a short amount of time. Naturally, there is the Fort Myers beach where you can soak up some rays and party with other Spring Breakers. Popular activities also include:


  • Paragliding
  • Parasailing
  • Jetskiing
  • Waterskiing


You can rent all the equipment you need and have an incredible experience. If you feel like doing something a little more low-key, you can take a ride on the Key West Express. You will be taken around the city, providing you some much needed time to kick back and relax.


Ample Accommodations


As much time as you will be spending out and about with friends, you will be spending an equal amount of time sleeping and recharging as you get ready for more fun. Fort Myers has embraced its reputation as a Spring Break destination, so there are plenty of lodging options for visitors. One of the most popular places for tourists to stay is the Lani Kai Island Resort, which gives you easy access to restaurant, bars and close access to the beach. If Lani Kai is already booked, then do not fear. There are numerous other hotels right by the ocean so that you can walk to and from all the parties.


People planning on moving to Fort Myers should be prepared for a week of craziness every year. All these Spring Break amenities just mean there will be a ton of things for you to do throughout the year. Hire All My Sons of Fort Myers to take care of your move, so you can start celebrating Spring Break all year long.

Anyone with plans on moving to Fort Myers has a lot to take care of beforehand. One of the most important is determining where your kids are going to go to school. Hire Fort Myers movers to handle the actual moving process, so you can conduct research into the best schools in the area.


Elementary Schools


Parents interested in sending their kids to private institutions for elementary school are in luck. Fort Myers is home to St. Michael Lutheran School and St. Francis Xavier School where children get a Christian education from kindergarten through the 8th grade. However, there are plenty of fantastic public schools as well, including:


  • Three Oaks Elementary School
  • Allen Park Elementary School
  • Orangewood Elementary School
  • Villas Elementary School


Are you interested in giving your kids an education from a charter school? Six Mile Charter Academy and Gateway Charter School are also within the Fort Myers school district.


High Schools


Fort Myers High School is a top place of learning. In fact, it ranked at #669 within national rankings. In terms of all the high schools within the state of Florida, it ranked at #47. It is an exceptional high school where a majority of students are proficient in math and English. Other high schools to consider include:


  • Cypress Lake High School
  • Dunbar High School
  • Bishop Verot Catholic High School
  • Gateway Charter High School




Florida Gulf Coast University is a public university that offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees. There is also Florida Southwestern State College, which has campuses located all over the state. If none of these have the programs you or your child is looking for, there are plenty of other universities in the state that are a quick drive away.


Fort Myers presents excellent opportunity for students at any grade level. When moving to Fort Myers, you typically have access to schools within the Lee County School District. Take your time looking at institutions while the professionals at All My Sons of Fort Myers handle moving all your belo

Art lovers from all over the state travel far and wide to attend the wonderful outdoor art fests that are taking place between now and April right near your home town of Fort Myers! The Fort Myers moving company at All My Sons Moving & Storage has compiled a list of a few of the upcoming art festivals. At these festivals, visitors can purchase inexpensive paintings from local artists and beautiful handmade jewelry to take home.

The Coconut Point Art Festival takes place this weekend, on February 18-19 from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. both days at the Coconut Point shopping center, 23130 Fashion Drive, Estero. Admission is free, and there are about 250 artists in attendance. The popular juried fest includes art demonstrations and many artists who have never appeared before in Southwest Florida.

The Naples National Art Festival also takes place this weekend, on February 18-19 from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. both days at Cambier Park and Eighth Street in Downtown Naples. The Fort Myers moving company says admission is free, but a $5 donation is appreciated. There will be about 270 artists in attendance. This art festival is a major fundraiser for the Naples Art Association.

The Downtown Naples Festival of the Arts will be taking place next month, on March 18-19 from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. on both days on Fifth Avenue South in Downtown Naples. This festival is also a fundraiser for the Naples Art Association.

Art in the Park will be taking place on the first Saturday of the month from now through April, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Park Street, just one block south of Fifth Avenue South in Downtown Naples. Admission is free, and there will be 48 artists each month. The Fort Myers moving company announces that this monthly event features artists who are members of the Naples Art Association.

This is it, this is the moment we have all been waiting for. They have finally found the key to a longer life! Call up a Fort Myers moving company and let them know you are moving to town! Collier County in the Naples-Immokalee-Marco Island metro area has the highest life expectancy in the country. Residents of Collier County, at birth, have a life expectancy of 83.5 years, that’s 4 years longer than the current average life expectancy of a typical American resident! If that’s not enough to convince you to move to Fort Myers, we don’t know what is!

A new report analyzing the data behind these findings are relating the increase in life expectancy to the lifestyle experienced in Fort Myers. The relaxed environment combined with a higher average income within the community leads residents to inevitably live a healthier life. It may seem as though moving to Fort Myers is the answer to our problems but it all comes down to one factor: money. Wealthier areas tend to harbor lower obesity rates and promote healthy living. Collier County being one of Florida’s wealthiest counties makes it a highly desirable area to live.

Making the move to Fort Myers opens the doorway for a very relaxed and healthy lifestyle. Fort Myers living welcomes beach goers, picnickers, and those who enjoy outside activities. So, if you are looking to add years to your life make sure to give the best Fort Myers moving company, All My Sons Moving & Storage, a call today and get your life on the longest path available!

Moving to a new home can be stressful, especially when you feel as if you have enough belongings to fill an entire moving truck to the brim. If you wish to move stress-free, it is suggested that you opt with white glove movers from a reputable moving company. When it comes to white glove moving services, the Fort Myers moving company at All My Sons Moving & Storage has got you covered.

White glove movers are those who make sure that all of your moving needs are met, from beginning to end, so all you have to do is relocate to your new home and begin your life. Although white glove moving services are not for everyone, they are extremely beneficial in plenty of moving situations.

You should be opting for white glove movers if you are moving valuable antiques, if you have heavy items that are difficult to move in and around the house, if you need help assembling items, and if you are not sure where or how to arrange your furniture in your new home. If you are moving an office, white glove movers like the ones at the Fort Myers moving company can connect your electronics, set up the office furniture, and put everything else in place so you do not have to.

At All My Sons, the Fort Myers moving company, our white glove movers have the time to pack, assemble, move, and take care of everything for you to make your move as easy, and seamless as possible, with absolutely no hassle. Contact your movers at All My Sons today.

Millennials now more than ever are moving around the country finding a new place to call home. All this movement is in part driven by the millennial desire to find a location that meets all their needs. Millennials are quickly changing today’s society to better suit their needs and Fort Myers is no exception. Fort Myers is working towards becoming a go to destination for millennials looking to move. All My Sons Moving & Storage, top moving company in Fort Myers, has composed a list of top 3 neighborhoods for millennials in Fort Myers.

1.Downtown Fort Myers

2. River District

3. South Fort Myers

Fort Myers is quickly working to create a more attractive downtown area that serves the needs of millennials. Downtown Fort Myers is hoping to attract these young adults entering the work force and keep them from leaving the city. Fort Myers officials are aiming to diversify the economy, create a more walking friendly down town area complete with dining, shops and entertaining activities to not only attract the millennials in Fort Myers but also to attract millennials from other cities. Fort Myers offers millennials the ability to work in a downtown environment without the feeling of overpopulation in addition to being a few miles away from a beach at all times. This laid back but productive lifestyle is a highly sought after commodity among young adults. If you are moving to Fort Myers, look for the local moving company in Fort Myers with expert movers and a friendly staff to make your next move the best one yet!

As the holidays come and go, it is a good idea to start mentally preparing for storing your holiday decorations. It is much easier to take down and store your decorations if you have a game plan. Designated boxes, labels, and containers make this process easier. Fort Myers packers advise that this will be even more beneficial as next year approaches.

-Use egg cartons to hold delicate ornaments. Small and fragile ornaments fit perfectly in egg cartons. Layer tissue paper in the egg carton for extra protection for your favorite and most special decorations.

-Plastic spools to wrap Christmas lights around are one of the best investments for storing holiday decorations. You can also use coffee cans or any other circular items to wrap your lights around. Avoid tangles throughout the year.

-Fort Myers packers suggest setting yourself up for next year as you store your decorations this year. If you have a fake tree, ensure all branches are labeled and put away in order. Label your boxes with what they contain, as well as what boxes to open first.

-Consider a gift wrap caddy or a container dedicated just to your gift wrapping material. Keeping these materials organized and in good shape will save you money over the years.

-When it comes to storing holiday decorations, think about how your items will last in the condition you are packing them in. Fort Myers packers suggest placing wreaths in a plastic bag before you put them in a box to store. Silk flowers, center pieces, or other various items should be placed in a plastic bag before storing.

When you are thinking about what to get your favorite Floridian, check out this list for some great ideas and inspiration! Fort Myers is a wonderfully quaint beach city situated on the west coast of Florida. Take into consideration where your loved ones who are moving to Fort Myers are relocating from. This could help you decipher what items they may need for their new home. Your Fort Myers residential movers are here to share some tips and ideas for buying holiday gifts for Floridians.

Clothes. Especially if they are moving from a northern state, clothes for the beach are greatly appreciated. Clothes are a great gifts tp give for the new-found Floridian in your life. Sun dresses for women and tank tops for men are affordable and always beneficial to have. Flip-flops and beach cover-ups are great gifts as well!

Beach Supplies. Fort Myers residential movers suggest these beach items make the perfect holiday gifts for Floridians:

-A sun care basket. Fill a gift basket with different sun screens and lotions. A pair of fun sunglasses, a beach towel, and a hat can complete this gift basket.

-Beach chairs. A nice beach chair that is easy to transport makes a wonderful gift for the new beach-goer in your life.

-A beach bag. A beach bag can be treated the same way as a gift basket. You can fill it with as many or as little extras as you wish. Bathing suits make a great addition.

Tickets for classes or an event. Purchasing tickets for an event or service is a great gift idea for any new resident. Fort Myers residential movers from All My Sons Moving & Storage state this is a great way to become active in the community and mingle amongst locals.