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The sun is hot down in Fort Myers! All My Sons Moving & Storage has compiled a short list of 6 beach safety tips to consider after you relocate to Fort Myers.


1. Pay attention to the lifeguard flags. One of the most important beach safety tips is to pay close attention to the beach warning flags. Lifeguards post different colored and patterned flags each day to help beach goers understand the current water conditions. Red, green, yellow, blue, and purple flags are posted daily, with a guide that will explain how hazardous the water is. For example, a red flag can mean high surf, dangerous currents, or both. Make sure to pay close attention!

2. Do not go swimming alone. Ocean currents can be unpredictable at times. Another critical beach safety tip is to always have a buddy in the ocean with you, just in case the currents become too strong.

3. Do not go swimming at night. If you are moving to Fort Myers, you might not know that most marine life feeds at night time – and yes, this includes sharks! As a general rule of thumb, it is better to keep out of the water around dusk. It is advised that stay out of the water until the sun comes back out.

4. Protect your skin with SPF. Florida sun is hot and intense. Ultraviolet, or UV rays, can damage your skin forever. Make sure you wear an appropriate strength of SPF sunscreen to keep your skin safe from the sun.

5. Wear protective footwear. Fort Myers beaches are famous for their marine life, but some of these critters can pinch or sting you. Keep your feet protected from jellyfish and stingrays by wearing water shoes when shuffling through the sand.

6. Stay hydrated. It is easy to get caught up in the fun of the Fort Myers beaches and forget to stay hydrated! Make sure you drink plenty of water while you are out swimming and bathing in the sun.


Before moving to Fort Myers, ask the professionals at All My Sons for any additional beach safety tips.

Fort Myers movers and residents certainly do not skip out on holiday traditions or celebrations, but newcomers should not expect a typical holiday season in this southwest beach town. Although you will not be celebrating the winter months the same as you would up north, you can expect Fort Myers during the holidays to celebrate tropical style. Instead of freezing snow, you will get warm sunshine. Instead of fur coats, you can keep your bathing suit on. Best of all: instead of decorated houses, you will find decorated boats. While some traditions might have a twist to them, the holiday spirit is definitely alive in Fort Myers. All season long there are numerous holiday events taking place around town for you and your family to enjoy.

Around Fort Myers, holiday parades come in boat-form. Fort Myers during the holidays still features the Santa we all know and love, but in a more suitable outfit for Fort Myers: a red bathing suit and sunglasses. Head to Estero Bay, also known as “back bay”, for the Christmas Boat Parade, where you can watch the parade from of the many bars on the water. The locals go all out with unique tropical style decorations on boats of all sizes. There are vendors and plenty of entertainment at each parade, as well.

Fort Myers movers suggest you start early on your holiday shopping while enjoying the Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony at Coconut Point.

Give back to charity this holiday season by bidding on hundreds of decorated trees for the Southwest Florida Goodwill Foundation the first Saturday of December. Fort Myers movers agree that it is a fun and fancy event for adults and children to donate, enjoy the decorations, and get together with friends.

Each December the Broadway Palm Dinner Theater puts on their very own day and nighttime performances of A Christmas Carol in their 400 seat auditorium.

The Holiday House also opens during the first week in December. It is hosted by the Fort Myers Women’s Community Club with twinkling lights, open from 5-9 p.m. each night.

Ask your Fort Myers movers about more local holiday events in your area.

For kids, the hardest part of moving to Fort Myers will be having to start a new school this coming August. Switching schools means making new friends, getting to know new teachers, settling into an unfamiliar Fort Myers school, and figuring out how to navigate through a new system; this transition can be particularly hard on teens.
In order to better prepare your kids to start at a new Fort Myers school, the residential moving company, All My Sons Moving & Storage have some tried and true steps that you can take for a smoother transition.


• Visit their new school.

Before the first day at their new Fort Myers school, take a tour of the school with your children to get them familiar with the layout. This will provide your child with the opportunity to ask any questions and not be lost on the first day of school.


• Familiarize them with the route to and from their Fort Myers school.

If your child is walking or taking the bus to school, make sure that they know the route, the time the bus comes, where the bus comes to pick them up, and how to get home. Ask around the neighborhood about families that are willing to carpool, which is a great way for your kid to meet other kids at their school and in their neighborhood.


• Accompany them on their first day of school.

If you have younger children, and if the school allows, accompany your kid on their first day at their new. This will be a great way for you to meet their teacher and will help them feel more secure. Teenagers will probably prefer to go alone on their first day of school. If your kids are a little bit older and they are moving to Fort Myers for college, All My Sons have some great advice for helping them to move.


• Host a get-together.

Host a block party or neighborhood housewarming party, especially if you know that there a lot of neighborhood kids. This is a great opportunity to introduce your kids to other children close in age, as well as find out information about the school.


• Talk to them.

The first few weeks of school can be challenging, and your child may react differently than you expected. Make sure to take the time to talk to them and let them know you are there for them to talk about their experience and how they are adjusting.


• Give them time to get adjusted.

Adjusting to a new Fort Myers school takes time. Give your child some time to get comfortable, it may take a few months for everything to get settled.

If you need to move your Fort Myers office, the All My Sons office movers believe the best place to begin planning your move is with some expert advice. Moving your office is a large undertaking that could require additional help from a professional Fort Myers corporate moving company; our expert office movers have coordinated their fair share of office moves in Fort Myers, and they know that the key to a successful office move is proper planning and a few guidelines that simplify the process.

Plan your office move.

Develop a timeline that will allow for all of the necessary steps of your move. We suggest you gather your moving team and go over the plan to make sure that everyone is on the same page. For smaller offices, Fort Myers office movers suggest that you allow yourself at least three months for planning; for medium to larger offices, allot at least six to eight months. The key to success is starting as soon as possible.

The next step in planning a Fort Myers office move is determining a blueprint of electrical outlets, storage, and the new office location’s layout. Make a note of potential problems that may arise, such as a smaller reception area or less storage. Knowing where each piece of furniture and equipment will go beforehand will allow you to decide which items to move and which items to get rid of.

Delegate tasks.

If you are not hiring full-service office movers in Fort Myers, be sure to delegate tasks to your employees. Give each employee a section of the office to sort through items and pack; or, simply have them pack their own desk and workspace.

As you plan your move to Fort Myers, surely saving space is a priority for you. There are so many life hacks to facilitate your move and make it a positive experience. Here are a few tricks from All My Sons.


• Use clothing as your filler. Instead of wasting money on packing peanuts or newspaper to protect fragile items, you should use your clothes. Of course, don’t use delicate clothing. Instead, use your gym clothes, pajamas, and socks to provide extra cushioning for your expensive belongings.
• Use containers as boxes. In order to minimize the amount of boxes you have to purchase, you can use possessions such as spare suitcases as storage. You can also use Tupperware, vases, and plastic bins to store your belongings.
• Downsize. If you realize that you simply have too many items, then you can clean out your house before packing so that you are saving space during your move. You could have a garage sale and invite all of your neighbors over to survey your excess stuff. It is a great tactic because you also make a few extra bucks, which will be useful during a move. Also, you can donate your extra clothing and furniture to a charitable cause.
• Color code your boxes. Fort Myers movers suggest that you assign a color to each room of your house. This way, you will be able to divide up your boxes when you get to your new home in Fort Myers. You don’t have to waste time figuring out where everything belongs.

If you are moving to Fort Myers this summer, it is the most advantageous period to use for family bonding. As you settle into your new home, you should utilize this time of change and uncertainty to strengthen your ties with your family. If you aren’t sure how to go about this endeavor, then check out the following family bonding ideas, courtesy of your friends at All My Sons Moving & Storage Fort Myers.

• Conduct family interviews. Encourage your children to interview some of their older relatives. This is a perfect chance for family members to reminisce about the glory of their youth. They are sure to have several interesting anecdotes to share, and even meaningful lessons that they can impart on the younger generation. It will make your relatives feel important. You can give the children microphones and a video camera, and at the end you could make a video. This is a special time capsule that you can treasure forever.

• Create a family holiday. Choose a random day of the year, and surprise the kids by hosting a family-oriented celebration. This incites excitement and feelings of gratitude for one another. Fort Myers movers believe that it is an excellent way to remind the people in your family that you are all lucky to have each other. You can bake a cake, purchase balloons, and play music. Make a toast thanking your family for being such a great team.

• Host a family sporting event. Whether it be a basketball game, football, soccer, or tennis, you should host an event that caters to everyone in the family. This way, all of your family will be interested in participating.

It’s that time of year again. The famous annual celebration of Fourth of July in Fort Myers back! The 2016 River District Freedom Fest in Downtown Fort Myers will be taking place this year on Monday, July 4th from 6-10 p.m.

The River District Alliance announces that the Fort Myers Freedom Fest is free to attend. Last year, the Freedom Fest promoted the Wounded Warrior Non-Profit Organization and other local programs that assist veterans and their families. There will be live entertainment for everyone to enjoy. This year’s performance artist will be the Brittany Russell Band. There will also be a bounce house for kids and plenty of food vendors located all throughout the downtown area. Your favorite Fort Myers moving company always prefers the southern-style BBQ food truck.

If you are spending the Fourth of July in Fort Myers, your Fort Myers moving company encourages you to end your night watching the amazing firework extravaganza beginning promptly at 9:30 pm. The show will be in sync with music and the water in the downtown Fort Myers River Basin.

The Freedom Fest will be located along Hendry Street between Bay Street and Edwards Drive. There will be parking spots available to the public in lots and open garages.

Your Fort Myers moving company would love to see you there! Make sure to have a safe and fun filled Fourth of July in Fort Myers, no matter where you decide to stop and watch the fireworks.

Are you and your family new residents in Fort Myers this June? Summertime is the hottest of all four seasons, where the days are long and the nights are short. Getting situated into your new home this summer can be difficult due to the overwhelming heat down in Florida, and the overwhelming kids out of school. That’s why your Fort Myers movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage have compiled a list of summer camp programs for you to enroll your children in this season.

The YMCA Full-Day Camp – This summer camp includes swimming, arts and crafts, and many more outdoor activities from the dates of June 13 – August 5, 2016. The pricing is $75 a week after a $30 registration fee.

The YMCA Sports Camp – This full day summer camp is located at the YMCA Fort Myers location, including volleyball, football, soccer, basketball and more. Pricing is $100 a week after a $30 registration fee.

STARS Summer Camp – Your Fort Myers movers’ favorite camp. The Fort Myers Recreation Division’s STARS Complex offers this camp for children and young adults from ages 6-14. The very first day of camp is June 2 and ends on August 15, 2016. The camp provides free lunch and afternoon snack via the Lee County School District. Pricing is $25 per week for Fort Myers city residents.

If you need time to yourself in order to set up your new home after your Fort Myers movers have helped move you in, consider these few summer camp programs to enroll your child in this summer. You will be happy to know that your child is in good hands where they can experience fun, friendly, and educational situations while outside of the classroom this summer!

All My Sons Moving & Storage is more than just a local Fort Myers moving company, we are a company founded by family. When we say that we are family oriented, you can tell why. With that in mind, we wanted to give our Florida customers a few ideas of things to do for Father’s Day in Fort Myers.

Father’s Caloosahatchee River tour

Take dad out on a little boat tour of the gulf coast this Father’s Day. Each tour is 1.5 hours long and departs every two hours. On the tour, you’ll see bald eagles, manatees, mangrove forests and bird rookeries. You will also be treated to some of the history of the area, especially the Caloosahatchee River. Special prices for fathers, just ask!

Father’s Day Brunch Cruise

If your dad is more inclined to want to do something with good food, then don’t worry, your local Fort Myers moving company has got just the thing for him. Check out the Floridian Star Yacht cruise for some Father’s Day brunch.

The yacht is 90-feet long and is filled with luxurious features that will keep dad comfortable as you’re moving to Fort Myers waterways and back. They will also have giveaways and lots of family fun.

Father’s Day Fishing Charter

If your dad is more of an outdoorsy guy, he may be inclined to a little fishing. Why not pack a cooler and fishing rods and catch a private fishing charter with one of the local charter boat companies? Check out Fort Myers Light Tackle Fishing Charters for more!

On behalf of All My Sons Moving & Storage, we would like to wish a Happy Father’s Day to all the great dads out there!

Ask anyone which events in Fort Myers Beach they will be attending in the first week of July and what will they say? If you guessed that they’d say they are going to the Fort Myers Beach Fourth of July fireworks show, then you’re probably right on the money. This year’s fireworks show is gearing up to be one of the most spectacular events in Fort Myers Beach for the entire year. But, it almost didn’t happen.

Dozens of businesses, from Fort Myers local movers to bed and breakfast owners and even regular citizens, have been chipping in to ensure that this year’s fourth of July celebrations will be out of this world. A Go Fund Me page has raised half of the $50,000 needed for the fireworks and now local businesses are getting involved to raise the rest.

The Lani Kai Island resort held a public luau party in early May to raise some of the needed funds that include competitions, luau lessons, and a silent auction. The hope is that enough fireworks are purchased that they’ll need Fort Myers local movers and a giant truck to get it all down to the beach. The community has really come to together to support itself and each other.

Some businesses from the neighboring city of Naples have also begun to contribute. Some warn that setting this precedent means that businesses will have to raise this money for the New Year’s celebration and all remaining fireworks for holidays to come indefinitely; others say that this level of community involvement is enough to make anyone up and move to Fort Myers, a town where it seems that community really matters.